Stripping Services

Kiwi Metal Polishers can strip anything from a Plymouth to a paper clip. Whether it’s a classic car, antique furniture or a piece of industrial machinery, we can chemically clean, de-scale, de-rust and remove silicate.

The result is a perfectly clean item that can then be painted or otherwise treated.


On arrival to Kiwi Metal Polishers the vehicle gets high-pressure waterblasted to get rid of other foreign objects, so the tanks are not contaminated.

Dip stripping and waterblasting

Then it’s into the first tank where it’s fully submerged in an alkaline bath that takes off underseal, bog and paint. This is left over night then waterblasted, before going into the neutraliser to stop the alkaline action, then after coming out of the neutraliser it is then waterblasted  with 3000lb pressure and a rotary nozzle that removes anything that is left.

The high pressure also gets every last bit of unwanted detritus off. If you’re wondering about what 3000lbs can do to wide flat panels, don’t worry, we know about the dangers of high pressure and panel distortion.

By the end of these processes, you have fresh silver-grey steel body showing exactly where the coach builder will be plying his craft – no mysteries, the good and the bad are revealed for all to see.

For a concours project, this dipping process is really a very good start.

Etch priming

Fresh steel loves oxygen and H2o and you can’t start rust prevention too soon, so we offer an etch-priming process that puts it into every nook and cranny. We know that a car body went away from us dipped and primed, and it was given the once over with a plumber’s camera that they send down drains. The camera was directed up the A post and similar spots and to our delight there it was – etch primer in everywhere.

From time to time people express fears about what happens to the seams in a car downstream – does the chemical seep out and destroy the paint, or do other horrible things? This does not happen as the process we do with the neutraliser and water blaster leaves it clean and free of contamination.

We are the only one in New Zealand with this process.

Call us to find out more: 07-347 9728

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